It looks like the SAG-AFTRA strike isn’t ending any time soon. I lamented that on the most recent episode of 69 Admins as I then put that show on its “hiatus for the holidays”. Frankly reruns are getting tiresome. Family is getting tired of it too.

Within the scope of the contracts and avoiding being a scab, it would be possible to proceed with starting an actual play tabletop role playing game show. We’re at the point where this could be done with folks joining in via video call. It could be a Linux community members group participating, for example.

I would want to start with Parsely. I went through one of the free adventures with one of my classes as an exercise during their “problem solving” module and that went quite well. The folks at The Incomparable have a range of podcast episodes illuminating some of these adventures and how some tech people approach them. My copy of the actual print book is coming later this week.

The nice thing is that they’re one shots and the level of investment required is low. They’re somewhat silly, too. They are things that could be reasonably accomplished within a couple hours.

I haven’t decided whether I would want to do this via video program or audio podcast. It seems like the 2100-2200 UTC time slot seems to fit the general notions of time when people will be awake to participate even if they were joining in from the UK, Western Europe, or Australia. Keeping things short initially would allow for these sorts of things to be recorded.

The best outlets for new non-news, non-sports programming that I have found lately are still Dumb Industries and Critical Role. I’m not ready to go down the road of movie riffing. Having persons from the Linux world doing TTRPG stuff would be kinda neat for an odd sort of audience, I suppose.

Eventually I might find a production partner to make this happen. Right now I am busy with the employer. I definitely cannot be a “one man band” to pull off something like this.