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Post by Michael Lucas¹. Content warning: "EmojiString(stringValue: chatgpt conspiracy theory{
}, components: [EmojiString.EmojiString.Component.text(chatgpt conspiracy theory{
})])". "the system is working as designed flood the internet with garbage so that we learn we can't trust it without effort. prevent us from making new social connections online. Create constant fear that this person is a chatbot." Posted on Feb 17, 2023 at 14:45

I’m really getting doubtful of the efficacy of some approaches to this sort of AI. We just saw Clarkesworld have to slam its submissions window shut indefinitely due to a crapflood of ChatGPT-generated submissions. At Johns Hopkins there is an article posted that is optimistic about the use of ChatGPT in education though it reads like wishcasting to me. There are more stories about Microsoft’s instance of ChatGPT being welded to Bing that is acting unhinged. All in all, this is becoming a rather fast moving target.

Yeah, I am openly expressing doubts now. With luck I will figure out what I am doing. Time will tell, though…