Via a post on the Election Law Blog helmed by Rich Hasen, word comes from NBC News that Tucker Carlson is lying through using deceptively edited footage about the events of January 6, 2021. He has reportedly said that the people attacking the capitol were peaceful and used deceptive cuts of the security footage to make it look like that. Who gave him the footage? Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy did! The linked article from NBC quotes Senator Josh Hawley and Senator Chuck Grassley saying that we should all look forward to further releases by Tucker Carlson and that Mr. Carlson will bring us the ultimate truth of the matter.

Speaker McCarthy, Senator Hawley, and Senator Grassley are enemies of reality. They’re trying very hard to rewrite the history of that day where all three of them were in mortal danger. Senator Grassley himself was third in line to the presidency as President Pro Tempore of the Senate and had to be just as protected as Speaker Nancy Pelosi was. We were at serious risk of losing the first three people in the order of succession to the presidency that day. Denying that that happened is to deny reality.

Evan Prodromou recently asked in one of his infamous poll questions if people were “ready to run for it”. He was an expat and is now a recently naturalized Canadian. He can look south and now not worry about the craziness here.

People thinking about running north should probably take the quiz offered by Immigration Canada to see how they qualify to do so, it at all. Things are getting scarier by the day here in America.