Yes, I have been reading through the Hack100 RPG rules. These are much, much shorter than the rules for something like Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. The Hack100 rules allow for the possibility of writing some interesting scenarios. I am trained in terms of writing scenarios for HSEEP so writing fantasy scenarios shouldn’t be too, too hard.

I’m hitting a block for NaNoWriMo anyhow. I have a basic start to a story. It would make an offbeat RPG adventure, I think. With outlets like Clarkesworld still facing crapfloods from large language models the chances of being able to successfully release a traditional story are decreasing day by day.

Even LaTeX supports preparing materials for wargame engines like VASSAL nowadays. There are possibilities out there. I just have to clean up the story treatment a bit and then get it converted into something marketable.

What a strange world we live in…