Once upon a time I wound up modifying our streaming strategy at Geneva Church of Christ. The Russo-Ukrainian War had just started and there was an expectation that there would be significant disruptions to online services. We began multi-streaming so that we weren’t just streaming to YouTube. We also streamed to Twitch and Twitter to allow people to watch our church services. We stopped streaming via Twitter once Elon Musk bought it on grounds of possible reputational harm due to the antics that were already happening as the takeover just happened.

When the news pops up that Tucker Carlson is now going to be streaming his show via Twitter as reported at https://www.nationalreview.com/news/tucker-carlsons-show-to-relaunch-on-twitter/, I get very concerned. Twitter is starting to become a danger to the cohesion of the nation. How we address it is going to be a major concern as time goes by, it seems.