Sometimes things cannot be crammed into a single fediverse post. A proper blog post has to be made to express all that is happening. In this instance tests were conducted and were not successful. There will need to be some realignment of operating plans, I think.

After the recent lack of success with chroma key filter usage we did some re-work on the DIY green screen. We also did some realignment of lighting within available resources. We found that we could get the green screen mostly lit but wound up with an overly hot spot near the bottom right part of the screen plus one seam of the screen didn’t hold together correctly. Even then we could not get the person in front of the screen properly lit.

My little “office” space at home was originally a small child’s room when the house was built over one hundred years ago so there is only electrical panel in the fairly small room. There is not enough electrical power or space to bring in more lighting to that room. Even though we do have the technological capability to do something like this we are hampered by the more theatrical aspects.

The project is not lost, though. We can reduce scope. The scripting on Launchpad is essentially neutral in its possible use. It could just as easily be applied to posting a narrated slideshow. After all, that was part of the shtick of The Weather Channel for years through use of the Weatherscan system.

Yes, this is a setback. Sometimes to get ahead we have to take a step back. Before we can even approach a fundraiser I think we have to do narrated slideshows for a while. I suspect I could build up the automation of production as time goes by, too.

We’ll see what erupts, eh?