It is more than likely this will seem like a stream of consciousness. In no particular order:

  • The letter to the editor in The Gazette ran Wednesday about straming video services in Ashtabula County. The idea is out there now. We just need to take it to execution.
  • The weather is frightful. Most of my fitness activities involve being outside. It is a little too treacherous to be outside right now even with boots, gloves, and coat. I don’t like this.
  • There are now more than 230 feeds in the tracking repository if people want to find a new RSS feed to follow.
  • The podcast feeds list is updated and has odd items in it, I suppose.
  • Part of the grand plan for 2023 was that various vendor certifications would be pursued such as those from Microsoft and Apple. That fell to the wayside due to unexpected contingencies arising. I may yet get back to it.
  • Change is needed in how my life is going. How that may happen is unknown.