I mark many things in NetNewsWire as being interesting and worthy of further review. The list of feeds being watched is maintained as an OPML file in a git repo. Some of those items marked in the RSS reader include but are not limited to:

Republicans slam Fox News’ Tucker Carlson over Capitol riot clips

Yeah, I was referring to this yesterday. Apparently I was not the only person horrified by what Tucker Carlson did.

Why has the tech industry had massive layoffs?

Scripps News gives us their spicy take on the situation.

Everything you need to know about new breakthrough weight loss drugs

This borders on being an advertorial, it seems.

Bill C–18, After Facebook and Google

Nick Heer gives us a glimpse of the impending death spiral for Canada’s news industry.

“Why Arizona’s attorney general is suing Cochise County for giving its recorder control over elections”

Rick Hasen points out in Election Law Blog a bad situation in Arizona that is not stopping any time soon. Cochise County had to be sued to be forced to certify the results from the 2022 election as it was. Delegating the board’s responsibility to a single individual who happens to be an elections conspiracist seems to be regrouping after getting smacked down in court just a few months ago.

“Trump, Vowing ‘Retribution,’ Foretells a Second Term of Spite; In a speech before his supporters, the former president charged forward in an uncharted direction, talking openly about leveraging the power of the presidency for political reprisals.”

Yeah, Election Law Blog points out the doom.

ChatGPT’s Tax Advice Was Wrong 100% Of The Time

TaxProf Blog brings us the totally and utterly expected news that ChatGPT gives bad tax advice. I am so ready for “ChatGPT told me to do it” to be added to the frivolous tax arguments listing that results in civil penalties and consequences that should make people think twice. There’s already a nasty little scheme floating around on social media that is going to get “TikTok/Facebook/Whatever told me to do it” added, I think.

NTA Blog: Standard Mileage Deduction Rates Should Be Consistent for All Taxpayers

This is a prime example of the consequences of Congress not thinking about the consequences of the legislation it writes.

Mobile internet disrupted in Mauritania following prison break

This is such a horrible way of handling this sort of thing.

CPAC Speaker Michael Knowles Calls for Transgender People to Be ‘Eradicated From Public Life Entirely’

Bad things are coming. We have people in the Republican Party trying very hard to get revisionist with history to make the events of the Capitol riot disappear. Ideological conformity is being pushed through a rise in book bannings across the country. We have people at CPAC calling for the “eradication” of classes of human beings.

This isn’t going to burn out. These people want a clash. How they’re dealt with is going to be a huge problem.

What’s Going To Happen To Legacy Broadcast Bands When The Lights Go Out?

I disagree with this on so many levels.

The Future of RISC-V and the VisionFive 2 Single Board Computer

I’ll start to think RISC-V is going somewhere when I have it running Xubuntu in a usable form.

A Short History of Berkeley RISC

A good read.

The daytime TV apocalypse continues as Rachael Ray announces she’s packing it in

Our economy is in worse shape than it seems at initial glance.