Yeah, I hate to ask. Having the financial support to conduct some operations in Ashtabula would be nice. Being able to do things such as create content properly would be nice. Being able to write fiction would be nice. Being able to pay off the new furnace I had to put on revolving credit would be nice even.

The drive to and from Erie is wearing me out at points. After December 6th I am done on this work tasking for calendar year 2023. Anything to drive the resolution of financial concerns would be great as 2024 is looking like a bit of a mess.

Support and patronage can be provided via Liberapay and Ko-Fi at this time. I’ve been working on trying to set up Patreon but that’s more complicated than I want it to be. Oh, the financial bits were the easy part. Arranging an order of what would be provided to patrons on a regular basis is the difficult part.

I have a few hundred words written on a new fiction story. It is an idea that has been bopping around in my head. I have no clue where this story might go yet. The escapades of the “Reality Control Division” of the police do sound a bit trippy, though. No, I’m not referring to that very special hit “Idiot Control Now”.