This is a miscellany of brief items in no particular order. These are done from time to time on this blog. These are generally things that I want to express but am not ready to make a complete blog post out of them.

In no particular order:

  • I’ll be seeing another medical specialist soon.
    • I feel like a lab rat
    • Getting enrolled in a research study kinda makes things feel that way
    • When it comes to a matter with a known population incidence of “1 in 200,000” I can’t really duck such studies
    • We are learning that there are many modern secular miracles in medicine
  • My current batch of students will be done on June 5th. My next batch starts 15 days later.
    • No, I am not a drill instructor.
    • My students learn about computers and gain skills in using them. I’m doing something right.
    • I have to do a new “introducing your faculty member” video to post to Blackboard so that I can swap out the old one.
    • I need to try to author more SCORM content as we head into the summer.
  • The podcasts tracker is updated at
    • Things that are “private” or “members” feeds do not appear in the tracker
    • I suppose that means I should reveal myself as a Patreon supporter of the Late Night Linux family of programs, I suppose.
  • Life has gotten weird
  • More strangeness is yet to come, I presume