I fell asleep while trying to write a blog post Sunday night. The fragment that was written wound up being deleted by me. It wasn’t really all that coherent anyhow.

Monday saw me visiting the main campus of Cleveland Clinic. I was there for the Genomic Medicine Institute and Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare’s 6th Annual International PTEN Symposium: From Patient-Centered Research to Clinical Care. This was an all-day hybrid event on-site. I learned quite a bit at the event.

The problem was the driving. I don’t drive through Cleveland normally. I especially don’t drive through Cleveland during rush hour normally. Traffic in Ashtabula County as well as over the stateline in Erie County is at a much slower pace. Driving tires me out. I did somewhere around 120 miles driving round-trip Monday.

My medical fortnight continues where I have all sorts of appointments and other matters batched into this fortnight. Right now I’m in the second week of the fortnight concerned. There is much more to come this week.