Quoting @chadloder@kolektiva.social: https://kolektiva.social/@chadloder/109779354899957742 #retoot

Post by Chad Loder. "Twitter, which recently suspended my account and the accounts of several other journalists, is allowing a verified account to post recruitment videos urging American soldiers to join Russia's Wagner Group PMC, a neo-Nazi linked paramilitary organization designated as a transnational criminal organization by the US government." The post contains an image with the following description: "Screenshot of a tweet by verified twitter account @Blackrussiantv. The tweet reads "A call for American Patriots to join the ranks of Wagner PMCs." The video thumbnail shows a green-tinted shot of soldiers wearing American flag patches on their chest rigs" Posted on Jan 30, 2023 at 12:33 at https://kolektiva.social/@chadloder/10977935489995774

Laws in the United States are weird at times. Yes, the Wagner Group was designated a “transnational criminal organization” under the President’s economic sanctions powers. Those same powers don’t cut the Wagner Group off from Twitter as they’re seemingly technically just posting information and not engaging in economic transactions where money changes hands.

I know the Russian Federation is getting desperate. Recruiting dudes from the USA who are most likely going to be of the MAGA persuasion is simply a bad thing. Foreign adventures for MAGA adherents gives them experience that becomes useful if we wind up in a rerun of the January 6th incident.

More madness will likely come this year, it seems.