The trip to Cleveland happened on Thursday. It went better than I expected when I visited Case Medical Center to see the specialist. I’ll have a follow-up in four weeks but that’ll be a “virtual visit” so I won’t need to travel down to Cleveland for the matter. We should have test results in hand by then and there should be some clarity.

A visit to MicroCenter happened and I picked up an external enclosure for optical drives so that I could start to strip working parts from Mom’s old computer. It had a perfectly good optical drive in it. That drive is now usable again with other computers thanks to that enclosure. The solid state drive in the machine was ripped out and thrown into a portable enclosure that leads to a USB3 end. Other parts will likely be stripped as we determine their condition. The rest of the machine will be going to recycling.

I can’t keep commuting like this. Increasingly there isn’t all that much for me in the Ashtabula area. Moving away is simply unaffordable right now without hope of viable options arising soon.