Post by Lauren Weinstein. "If I didn't know better, I'd almost think that the cable news channels -- all of them -- are rooting for there to be riots after that video is made public tomorrow." Posted on Jan 26, 2023 at 18:33 – Quoting

It would be a legitimate question to ask what Lauren Weinstein is asking about. Fortunately the Internet Archive has a great program of capturing and transcribing television news. A clip from the CBS Evening News bringing up the situation can be found at for reference.

The BBC’s reporting explains the Tyre Nichols case better than domestic sources, I suppose. France24 posted reporting from Reuters. CNN reported this morning that the federal Homeland Security department is involved in coordinating the release of the video to try to keep the possibility of riots down. There are running updates from The Guardian. NBC News reports further details about the video. The Commercial Appeal in Memphis indicates that the video will be released some time after 0001 UTC Saturday.

What do I think will happen? Frankly I do not know. In northeast Ohio we have a little thing known as winter that would stop protests and riots from happening. The forecast is calling for yet more lake effect snow to be followed by rather cold rains which will freeze and then even more snow. People won’t be out and about protesting and rioting in that mess in this area. In other areas that don’t see snow like we do locally their mileage may vary.

These interesting times are horrid.