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Well, Donald Trump has been booked for the fourth time now this year on criminal charges. He had to post cash bail. He has bail conditions even. How long will it be until he screws up and breaks those conditions? At that point, what do you end do?

Here in Ohio, we have malign influences like Michael Gonidakis showing up in a political controversy again as seen in Ohio Capital Journal. I’m really not sure why people didn’t see this coming. After the huge dirty tricks attempt known as Issue 1 from the first half of the year there are still worse things to come.

Of course, the weird medical news I got this week has me looking for boltholes yet again. Sticking around here in Ashtabula County increasingly looks like a bad idea as the political climate deteriorates. There is no specific benefit to living in the same county as where the namesake patient to the rare disorder I’m dealing with was born back in the 1940s. Of course, I’ve outlived the namesake patient thanks to contemporary medicine so there are at least some small blessings.

As much as I want to build an online news outlet to bridge gaps here in Ashtabula County, this report from CNN makes it seem like it may be too late. Oh well.

Wow, this is a bit rambly…