Between staying busy with the working taskings and staying busy with the continuing care odyssey, the dating matter has basically been on ice. Consider what I wrote on February 15th:

  • The dating game looks weird.
    • Axios Columbus mentioned on Valentine’s Day that ❤️ In Ohio, love is local
      • Ohio is apparently one of the states where you’re most likely to marry a local
      • Michigan ranks first in terms of states where that occurs while Ohio is fifth
      • We have very few out of state transplants here in Ohio
      • In the aggregate, interstate marriages are on the rise across the country which makes Ohio an outlier
    • I’m off any dating apps at the moment. I seemingly cannot devote the attention to correctly use such programs.
    • There are many bad prospects in my immediate area.
    • Depending upon the test results that I am waiting on from the hospital this may be mooted

The test result I was waiting on then was a confirmatory genetic test that wound up indicating that I do indeed have a rare medical condition that is thankfully not transmissible but is able to be inherited. That part right there freaks me out heavily when it comes to any idea of dating and relationships. When you come from a religious tradition that values marriages and focuses heavily on them being tied to being procreative you end up feeling like a monster if procreation winds up being an insanely difficult proposition. I could give someone some good years as a partner and we could adopt, of course. That’s not something really anybody goes for locally, though.

A soprano voice with a slavic accent is something that definitely grabs my attention. I’ve never really understood why. Of course, growing up in the Slavic Village neighborhood in Cleveland might impact that a bit.

People I went to high school with are now welcoming grandchildren. Consider that I am barely in my very early 40s. They’re welcoming grandchildren. That does lead to not fitting in socially as I do not have those common life experiences.

These are things that just gnaw at me. One day I will get them closer to resolution. Today is not that day, though.