Apple will be holding an event today. Rumors state that a new iPhone will be announced. There really weren’t any real clues in the announcement given. Sites like Macrumors have done their level best to try to find details.

Do I have any hopes? Well, I do hope for a new revision to the Apple TV device. Some game-changing would be nice, too.

There was a post to Mastodon Monday talking about how people don’t need a new phone every couple years. The post really bothered me. It was biased and came from a place of privilege. Try living in a rural area and tell me that a cell phone is good for three to five years. The odds of having the thing damaged or destroyed are higher here than they might be in a more urban setting. The possibility of losing the device in a place like a river or lake is higher, too. I understand the idealism of trying to make tech last and last but things wear out and when mobile phones are the primary computing devices in an area they’re used for far more than the assumed use case of the biased commenter.

Might I go buy a new phone? That’s been a thought I’ve been tossing around. A higher priority lately is to pick up an ACR Bivy Stick thanks to how spotty cell reception can be on the roadways between Ashtabula and Erie. A phablet-sized phone would be a nice upgrade from the iPhone SE 2 that I carry now and would still likely work with a Bivy Stick.

I’ll be on the road between Erie and Ashtabula while the event is happening so I will miss it. I’ll have to check the coverage when I finish my trip. Such is the life of a commuter, eh?