I am getting very, very tired of the abortion rights campaign from both directions. This year has been a long, miserable year with tons of horrible campaign ads about abortion. The pro-life campaigns have been pushing to kick off sex panics of various sorts. Their rhetoric has been more like what was seen right before the Rwandan genocides kicked off than normal American political discourse, alas.

I am tired of existential, apocalyptic politics. I wound up writing this letter and it was published in The (Jefferson, Ohio) Gazette in the October 25th edition:

Long letter to the editor in favor of the reproductive rights amendment on the November 2023 general election ballot

I’m ready for this battle to end. The expectation that I have is that Issue 1 will fail in Ashtabula County but pass statewide. I will be quite shocked if it passes in Ashtabula County. The key thing to all of this is that if Issue 1 passes by an extremely large margin then we have to reassess just how much Ohio falls on the MAGA/social conservative spectrum.