In no particular order:

  • There are some medical issues arising that I need to squash quickly or there will be nasty consequences
  • The first day of school for the semester is coming soon
  • Canada is increasingly looking like an impossible escape route due to immigration law changes taking place there
  • As much as the nice folks in the one Telegram channel may say I need to consider the bug out boogie, the list of expert centers from Orphanet does not have many options that would provide the necessary care that I would need on par with what I get from the medical empires based in Cleveland’s University Circle neighborhood and the main coordinating body out on that other continent is a complex thing that requires study
  • The local daily newspaper is not having a good time with staffing levels
  • I may have stepped into a mess at work with proposing a professional development event that apparently I may wind up running if all goes well
  • A community following the posture of “managed decline” on the way to oblivion is not a healthy community yet that is where I am living right now.
  • Watch carefully with the Republican campaigns. Donald Trump is doing everything he possibly can to escape accountability in the criminal cases as well as wriggle his way out of disqualification per Section 3 of Amendment XIV to the United States Constitution. This is going to be a year of trickery and deception being passed off as normalcy.