The Huffington Post: Trump Says He Might ‘Encourage’ Russia To Attack NATO Allies

They linked out to a video at which I needed to download just the captions from. I wasn’t watching an almost two hour video of that man ranting and raving. If anything, the report might have missed something.

The command stanza invoking yt-dlp used in this instance was:

yt-dlp –skip-download –write-auto-subs –embed-subs –embed-metadata –concurrent-fragments 32 –downloader aria2c –downloader-args “-s16 -j16 -x16” –windows-filenames –trim-filenames 64 –mtime “”

The de facto transcript in WebVTT form is a horrifying read. The man is nuts.

Thanks to Karen Coyle for flagging this mess on Mastodon.