Apparently Republican party adherents in Iowa favor having an accused criminal as the party’s standard bearer in the campaign for President of the United States. apparently Vivek Ramaswamy had dropped out of the running. President Biden is already calling the accused criminal the clear frontrunner in the race. The next match-up is in New Hampshire on January 23rd.

Yes, I was holding out hope for an outbreak of sanity. My country is giving up on democracy, its history, and more. We’re going down the “man on a white horse” route of wanting the aveging hero to come save the day. The big problem is that people think this accused criminal and failed coup plotter is some sort of hero. He’s a villain!

Running away is not really an option at this immediate moment. After all, where could I go? The list of possible supporting institutions is not really that big and even that list is full of non-starters. It is also US-only. There is a listing of supporting organizations world-wide according to orphanet but it has very, very limited options in English-speaking areas that seem restricted to Australia, Canada, USA, and the United Kingdom. Following the footsteps of Matoaka to the UK would be utterly hilarious but an “expert centre” is located there according to orphanet.

I know this caucus outcome was expected. That doesn’t mean it isn’t annoying.