It is not a metaphor to say it is cold out right now. The wind chill is dangerously cold outside. As much as I like exercising through hiking frankly there is way too much risk at the moment. There is plenty of treadmill time in my future, it seems.

In the metaphorical sense, that Trump win in Iowa was a bad thing. We’re in an environment where the number of dechurched are rising. People have moved on from saying “God Save America” to “Trump Save America”. Even though primaries are already in progress, folks like OpenAI don’t really have plans completely in place to counter disinformation/misinformation. There will not be a slow rise of Mr. Trump toward securing his party’s nomination. Based upon the success in Iowa, the number of candidates that dropped out, how close his competitors are to running out of cash, his cult-like followers and a few other things Mr. Trump may well have captured the nomination if he wins next Tuesday in New Hampshire.

A very stupid time is coming if it hasn’t already started. An ostrich-like approach seems to be impossible. I don’t like wild rides like this.