Why on earth am I even trying to get started with Patreon? Well, as the title says, things are not as stable as they might seem. While I may enjoy teaching I recognize that my position is contingent and right now there are many politicians that want to gut funding for technical and further education. On Wednesday I get to see the farce of Eastern Gateway Community College here in Ohio have one of its final board meetings as it begins the final steps towards dissolution in the face of a budget crisis. Lakeland Community College is nearing “fiscal watch” status with the Auditor of State so it is close but not yet over the edge in terms of budget problems. Out of the 34 public institutions of higher learning in Ohio only The Ohio State University and University of Cincinnati are in okay shape financially at the moment.

Yes, I am teaching across the state line in Pennsylvania. I would be a fool to not recognize that even The Pennsylvania State University is dipping into a voluntary separation program with staff at its outlying branch campuses. We’re in good shape at the moment where I am teaching but having a contingency plan would be good business sense at this point.

I don’t know what is coming. The uncertainties posed by the impending presidential election are not helping. The angry old man from Mar-A-Lago is going around praising Hannibal Lecter at rallies now for no fathomable reason.

The only jobs being posted locally are at Ashtabula County Medical Center and they’re to fill positions that the hospital has been trying to fill for a couple years now. Even retail and food service employers aren’t even looking locally. That’s the kind of bad condition the economy locally is in right now. Of course, it has been in that condition for some time. Why else would I commute to Erie to work at all?

I’m not sure I’m going to like the clarity that the election in November might bring…