Well, there is a Patreon creator account established.

Why do this? Well, backup contingency plans are always useful to have in place. I have no security of tenure in the work that I am doing right now in the “day job” so it can disappear at any time.

What sort of things would I be creating in such a circumstance? Well, I have a running file of story ideas that I haven’t fully developed yet. Some of it looks sci-fi and some of it looks quite absurd. Writing and then typesetting using the novel class on CTAN would allow for pursuing various publishing routes. Of course, the repo on GitHub for “novel” claims that its use is becoming discourage and that a new class will become available any day now. I did make three things that I published using Amazon KDP and the novel class. Using the newspaper class on CTAN might allow for publishing short fiction on a recurring basis too.